How It Works: Shopping Coffees

Select coffees on the site are ready to ship because they've been previously fulfilled by our roasting partners and we have them on hand. However, most coffees get roasted to order through a weekly batch order that we place with our partners. This allows us to offer you a wider variety of coffees and the ability for you to build international
multi-roaster orders with affordabe or even free shipping! You can use the "Availability" filter on product listing pages to shop coffees by availability type.

Availability What It Means Fulfillment + Shipping Roast Date

We don’t have these
coffees on hand, but
they will be roasted for
you in the roaster’s next batch.

Fulfilment varies depending on the combination of roasters in your order and when all the coffees get to us (usually within 5-10 days of your order). We ship your order to you within 1 business day.

Roast date will be very recent. You’ll typically receive coffee within a week of its roast date,
subject to individual roaster’s policies. Ship time from overseas gives it a needed rest for drinkability.

We have these coffees on
hand and ready to ship.


Ship out within 1 business day of order.


Roast dates may vary in recency, but coffee is still at peak flavor and drinkability.