Sitio Irmãos Manzoli
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Sitio Irmãos Manzoli

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Tasting Notes: Blackberry / Chocolate / Hazelnut

Origin: Brazil [Espirito Santo]

Cultivar: Red Catuai

Process: Pulped Natural

Roaster's Notes:

João Luiz Manzoli is the descendant of Italian immigrants to Brazil, and has been working in agriculture his whole life. His grandfather moved to Brazil and purchased the small plot of land that was to become Sitio Irmãos Manzoli, producing corn, beans and milk. The plot is around 8 hectares, and located just outside the small town of Vargem Alta in southern Espírito Santo. João Luiz’s father, Narciso Manzoli, left Espírito Santo and purchased another plot further inland, closer to the border with Paraguay. It was here that João Luiz grew up, working the farm alongside his father before returning to the family’s roots in Espírito Santo in 1978, taking control of his grandfather’s farm. Here, he slowly started converting the farm to coffee, planting the first hectare over his first year at the farm. From here, he has worked hard to continually improve, expanding the area planted with coffee and purchasing a depulper in order to process on the farm, adding value to his product. Over the past 10 years the quality coffee wave has started to move into Espírito Santo, and João Luiz has taken full advantage. He has focussed on manual selective picking, and careful sorting and fermentation, which translates into clean and high quality cups. As a region rather new to this type of agriculture, João Luiz does face some difficulties, like a lack of skilled coffee labourers, and a lack of logistics network in this remote and mountainous area. However, these aren’t the first challenges the Manzoli family have faced, and they continue to push for quality each harvest. We’re excited to have been connected with them by our partners at Ally Coffee in Sweden, and hope you enjoy their hard work in the coming weeks. This pulped natural lot of Red Catuai showcases the best of both, with traditional Brazilian chocolate notes underpinning the fresher fruit notes more typical of Espírito Santo, here reminiscent of blackberry jam.

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