La Cabra


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Tasting Notes: Peach / Honey / Blueberry

Origin: Ethiopia [Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region - SNNPR]

Cultivar: Heirloom

Process: Honey

Roaster's Notes:

This is our first ever release from Moplaco’s own farm, Kawo Kamin. Continuing our ever closer collaboration, we have purchased this small lot from the farm, processed at Moplaco’s nearby Sheka mill using the honey method.

The Sheka forest is located in the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region (SNNPR) in the far southwest of the country near the border with South Sudan. The forest, one of the most beautiful places we have visited during our years of coffee travels, is one of the largest areas of indigenous forest remaining in Ethiopia, known for its production of wild honey. While healthy bees are a good sign of biodiversity and minimal chemical use, much of the rest of Ethiopia has become over-farmed in recent years, so the government has encouraged agriculture across the SNNPR using grants. Especially tea and coffee production is incentivized, leading to the involvement of foreign investors, deforesting swathes of land to create large estates and enforcing questionable working conditions for natives.

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