Nacimiento Espresso
Tim Wendelboe

Nacimiento Espresso

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Tasting Notes: Chocolate / Fresh Herbs / Apples

Origin: Honduras [El Cielito, Santa Barbara]

Cultivar: Pacas

Process: Washed

Roaster's Notes:

Nacimiento is a small farm owned and run by Mr. Jobneel Caceres Dios and his wife Fany. The farm is situated at the top of the El Cielito branch of the Santa Barbara mountain in Honduras. The high altitude and moist, cool climate makes this one of the most unique areas for growing coffees in Honduras. We always separate Jobneel’s coffees by both cultivars and picking date in order to make sure we keep the best lots separate from each other. Also the harvest period starts in January and continues throughout June and if we mixed an early picking with a later one we would risk the coffees ageing (tasting woody) faster. Instead we work under the principle first in-first out. This particular lot is an early picking from the lower part of Nacimiento (1500 masl. - 1600 masl.). Normally the early pickings are not as intense as the later ones, but I do find this Pacas lot to have a very nice fruitiness with some herbal character to it, almost like the red berries you can find here in Norway.

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