Los Pirineos Bourbon Elite
Tim Wendelboe

Los Pirineos Bourbon Elite

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Roast Date: 1/20/21

Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate / Dried Berries / Roasted Nuts

Origin: El Salvador [Tecapa-Chinameca, Usulutan]

Cultivar: Bourbon Elite

Process: Washed

Roaster's Notes:

*This is the washed version of the Christmas Coffee described below:

We selected this honey processed Bourbon cultivar as one of our Christmas coffees.  It is very sweet with syrupy mouthfeel and chocolaty flavors. Because it is honey processed you may find a nice flavor of dried fruits in the cup.

It is with great sadness that I am writing this. In 2020 our dear friend and long term coffee producing partner Gilberto Baraona passed away. I have known Gilberto since 2010 after purchasing his coffee for the first time through the Cup of Excellence coffee auction. Although his coffee was not among the top lots that year winning 30th place, it was by far my favorite at the auction, so I decided to bid and ended up buying the lot. A year later I visited don Gilberto on his beautiful farm Los Pirineos situated on top of the Tecapa volcano. We connected immediately and we both agreed that we wanted to work towards the same goal; making his coffee one of the best in El Salvador.

Gilberto was not afraid to go his own ways, always testing out new things on his farm. I loved his positive spirit, and his eagerness to experiment and improve everything on his farm. In the early years when I visited his farm we would focus a lot on discussing and experimenting on how we could improve his production techniques on the wet mill and improving his drying facilities. We were able to raise the quality of his coffees by tweaking both the washing and especially the drying process by introducing raised beds and shade drying. I remember leaving one year hoping Gilberto would invest in 10-20 drying beds so that he could process the small amounts of coffees we bought the way I liked it. The following year when I re-visited his farm, he had made a huge space on his farm where hundreds of drying beds were already full of coffee drying in the sun. It is one of many great examples of how he always went «all in» and was able to think big.

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