Kamviu AA
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Kamviu AA

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Tasting Notes: Star Fruit / Caramel / Hemp Seed

Origin: Kenya [Embu]

Cultivar: SL34, SL28 and Ruiru 11

Process: Washed

Roaster's Notes:

The Kamviu Coffee Factory is managed and operated by the Gakundu Farmers Cooperative Society, an organization comprised of over a thousand farmers, who all process their cherries at the factory. The members of the co-op are all smallholder farmers, who grow a wide variety of crops alongside their coffee. They all deliver their cherries to the factory on the day of harvest, where they are processed and sold together.

The coffees are sorted, de-pulped and fermented for 15-23 hours. They are then washed three times, using water from the local Muriuriu river - a source of life and replenishment, but also of calamity, having overflowed in 2019 and damaged massive amounts of tea crops. The coffees of the Gakundu Society were thankfully unharmed, but the effect on the local community has been significant. 

We've been purchasing lots from the Kamviu Factory on a regular basis over the past few years, and are happy to see the co-op grow and take on more local members, who are offered assistance, botanical advice and credit and cash advancement to invest in their crops.

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