Finca Tamana Castillo [1 kg]
Tim Wendelboe

Finca Tamana Castillo [1 kg]

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Roast Date: 5/19/21

Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate / Herbal / Marzipan

Origin: Colombia [El Pital, Huila]

Cultivar: Castillo

Process: Washed

Roaster's Notes:

An intense and sweet coffee with flavours of marzipan, herbs and dark chocolate with subtle notes of red fruit in the background. Only available in 1kg bags.

This particular Castillo comes from seeds that were mixed from many different areas and is called «Castillo general» or the general Castillo. (there are several different types of Castillo and some of them are already in production at Tamana) It is a really intense and sweet coffee with a nice marzipan like flavour with loads of dark chocolate and subtle fruit in the background. When you taste this coffee next to other coffees from Tamana you might not notice the herbal character that easy, but putting it next to an Ethiopian or Kenyan coffee you really get the herbal character in the cup. You might want to give that a try.

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