Caballero Catuai
Tim Wendelboe

Caballero Catuai

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Roast Date: 4/7/21

Tasting Notes: Chocolate / Dried Fruit / Figs

Origin: Honduras [Chinacla, La Paz]

Cultivar: Catuai

Process: Washed

Roaster's Notes:

The 2020 harvest from Moises and Marysabel is in my opinion the best one we have ever tasted from them. I know I said the same about the last years harvest too, but Moises and Marysabel have really focused on improving their farms and have also made huge improvements to both their wet and dry mill. The results are especially noticeable in their Catuaí coffees. This year you will find them to be more fruity, still with the characteristic chocolate flavours, big sweetness and rich mouthfeel. They remind me of eating high quality dark chocolate that has a fruity character. Although Marysabel and Moises produce a lot of Catuaí coffees, not all lots are produced the same way. Some are dried on patios, others in mechanical driers or on raised beds under shade. Over the years I have developed a protocol in cooperation with Moises and Marysabel on how to separate, process and especially dry and store the coffees. During the last 5 - 6 years they have been producing a lot of Catuaí coffees following this protocol. It means we do get plenty of lots / batches to choose from and we are fortunate to be able to buy the cream of their crop. All the lots we buy from the Caballeros are now dried on raised beds in shade and are hand sorted and milled with extreme care and attention. It really makes a difference in the final cup. In fact Moises was the one who let me experiment with shade dried coffee in the first place. That is how we learned that the green coffee that was dried this way will stay fresh for a longer time and taste much cleaner than the patio or mechanically dried coffees they produce.

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