Birhanu Tesema Espresso
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Birhanu Tesema Espresso

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Tasting Notes: Wild Strawberry / Nougat / Tangerine

Origin: Ethiopia [Wegida Kebele, Woreda, Yirgacheffe - Gedeo Zone]

Cultivar: Kurume, Dega and JARC

Process: Natural [dried on raised beds for 24 days]

Roaster's Notes:

Birhanu Tesema is a third-generation coffee producer from the village of Wegida, in Ethiopia’s Gedeo Zone. Combining years of hands-on agricultural experience, deep familiarity with traditional farming practices, and modern-day coffee processing methods, his coffees are a celebration of the rich soil upon which they are grown.

Cultivated under very light shade provided by perennial shade and Enset (False Banana) trees, coffees throughout Wegida and its neighboring villages are intercropped with food crops such as Taro and other roots. Using nothing but organic compost as a nutrient and fertilizer, the farmers who comprise the Jabanto Group - the collective with which Mr. Tesema works - are able to sustain and protect the soil and water quality of their communities.

The cherries from this lot were all handpicked and manually sorted, followed by a drying period of 24 days on raised bamboo beds. Throughout this timeframe the cherries were turned six times a day, by hand, covered in nylon sheets and plastic overnight, and tested regularly for humidity levels.

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