Akmel Organic Anaerobic Natural - Exclusive Micro-Lot [200 g Pink Bag]
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Akmel Organic Anaerobic Natural - Exclusive Micro-Lot [200 g Pink Bag]

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Tasting Notes: Strawberry / Pineapple / Cardamon

Origin: Ethiopia [Jimma]

Cultivar: Heirloom

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Roaster's Notes: 

Akmel Anaerobic is the second realization of an idea conceived over three years ago. Our intention was to utilize the Anaerobic Naural processing method to express a colorfully wild and juicy interpretation of Akmel's forest grown coffee, while still representing the Jimma terroir we have grown to love. 

To produce this special preparation method there are a few steps involved;

Akmel, like all top quality producers, waits to pick his organically grown cherries until they are perfectly ripe and dries them for a single day on raised beds. The ripest and near over ripe are selected to perform this special process on. As seen in the photo attached, there are no green or yellow cherries as this would negatively affect the outcome. 

Anaerobic Processing
The cherries are then transferred into barrels and filled to the brim to eliminate any presence of oxygen. The barrels and sealed air tight, preventing the entry of any incoming oxygen.
Note: at Daterra in Brazil where we buy other anaerobic processed coffees they will remove excess oxygen with a vacuum. This is not done due to the simplicity of Akmel's farm infrastructure.

Drying Phase
The whole cherries are soaked in their own juices and ferment within the bucket for ten days. They are then removed and drained before spending another 12 days on raised drying beds as a classic natural would be processed.

On the cupping table, we see a similar profile to last year. Lots of wild fruity aromas like strawberry and pineapple, and finishing off with a hint of cardamon in the finish. It's sweet and full-bodied but with a juicy acidity that helps cut through, keeping it lively and fresh.

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