Los Rodriguez
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Los Rodriguez

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Roast Date: 2/18/20

Tasting Notes: Pear / Papaya / Orange Blossom

Origin: Bolivia [Caranavi]

Cultivar: Caturra

Process: Coco Natural

Roaster's Notes: 


Despite an increase in international recognition, Bolivia's coffee export has been declining rapidly in modern times and has seen a recent drop in production of around 70%.


We have chosen to develop ongoing relationships with only two Bolivian producers. One of those is Agricafe, who is a family-run company that grows and processes our new release, Los Rodriguez. 



This is the 5th harvest working with the Rodriguez family, and their methodical and calculated approach to natural processing and drying is what we have chosen to work with them year in, year out. 


Located in Caranavi, Bolivia, Pedro (Father), Pablo (Son), and Daniela (Daughter) operate under the business name Agricafe and own several lots of land that makeup, Los Rodriguez. Not only are the Rodriguez family endeavouring to revitalise the fragile Bolivian coffee market with their own production, but are also working closely to improve the quality of local coffee producers, with the hope of collectively rebuilding the Bolivian coffee industry.

With the help of Brazilian processing expert, Flavio Borem from Brazil (who has also worked with our Brazilian partner Daterra), they have implemented state of the art mechanical "Coco Dryers" and a UV-shaded drying facility with controlled venting. The Coco Dryers are large steel vats that allow a more precise and controlled drying of the cherries after they have spent one week on raised beds. By eliminating exposure to fluctuation weather conditions, and controlling the drying temperature, more precise and uniform dehydration of the cherry is achieved. 


An absolute fruit bomb.

Presenting intense fruity aromas that we often expect from naturals but on a whole new level. Invigorated by a wine like acidity from a long and regulated fermentation, Los Rodriguez is another exciting example of what you can achieve with only a small tweak to post-processing.

For espresso, expect a dense fruity sweetness and creamy mouthfeel. Energized by lively acidity, with lingering melon and floral top notes.

For filter, expect a vibrant wine-like acidity and wild fruity aromas, nothing like anything we have on the menu. Prominent notes of pear, papaya and orange blossom.
We have paid 417% above C-Market price for Los Rodriguez, and feel very privileged to be able to share it with you as both filter and espresso.

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