Duromina Organic
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Duromina Organic

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Roast Date: 1/4/21

Tasting Notes: Jasmine / Apricot / Madagascar Vanilla

Origin: Ethiopia [Jimma]

Cultivar: Heirloom

Process: Washed

Roaster's Notes:

The coffee we've purchased this year from the Duromina Cooperative is a wonderful example of how investment in better coffee cultivation can produce significant benefits to some communities. Operating in a region that for years was considered the source of Ethiopia's least appealing coffees, the Duromina Cooperative is comprised of various local farmers who wanted to "improve their lives" (the meaning Duromina in the local Oroma language).

Teaming up with TechnoServe, an NGO focused on supporting local businesses in Africa, the members of the Cooperative were able to secure loans and financing, which they've used to build a washing and processing station. Building on the region's ideal climate conditions, they were able to produce this fantastic, florally filter, that's certified Organic to boot.

With the premiums they were offered for their lots, the members of the Cooperative were able to pay back their loans in just one year, and also build a bridge over the local river, allowing easier access to health care services to their entire community.

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