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Roast Date: 5/12/21

Tasting Notes: Stone Fruits / Green Grapes

Origin: Colombia [Huila]


Caturra, Typica, Pink Bourbon, Geisha

Process: Washed

Roaster's Notes:


From the moment we first tasted Jaime Casallas's coffee in Colombia 9 years ago, we committed to buying his entire crop. Jaime's coffee was part of an association (co-operative) named El Desarollo, and out of the 32 contributing El Desarollo farms, it impressed us so the most. So much so, that we asked if they could keep it separate from the rest. Since then we have visited Jaime at his family-run farm in Huila, El Prado, every year, and even had the pleasure of hosting him in Copenhagen in 2019.


Jaime's most recent coffee rendition presents as a classic Huila profile. We encounter a heavy mouthfeel and sweetness, that reminds us of a Guatemalan coffee, yet with slightly more prominent acidity. Setting Jaime's coffee apart is the intricate fruit characteristics of ripe stone fruits and green grapes, contributing to its complexity, without demanding centre stage.

We believe that such a holistically clean and balanced coffee presents exceptionally well when brewed as both filter, and espresso. We have, therefore decided to develop optimal roast profiles for both these methods. Our philosophy for developing different roast profiles is driven by our desire for a sweet, balanced espresso with integrated acidity and a complex and balanced filter coffee with a clean finish.

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