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Lizardo Herrera

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Roast Date: 4/6/21

Tasting Notes: Black Currant / Black Tea / Candied Strawberry

Origin: Colombia [Huila]

Cultivar: Pink Bourbon

Process: Washed

Roaster's Notes:

An almost Kenyan-like note of fresh blackcurrant is backed up by notes of black tea and candied fruit.

For this coffee, Lizardo used an in-cherry pre-fermentation of 12 hours, before de-pulping and fermenting for a further 48 hours in mucilage. This lot is from Lizardo’s stock of the Pink Bourbon varietal. Initially separated in the early 2000’s, some say that Pink Bourbon is a hybrid between yellow and red bourbon, and some that it is a natural mutation of the disease resistant Colombia varietal that ripens orange. What most agree however, is that the cherries ripen an orange/pink shade, somewhere between red and yellow, and the leaves are broad, in a similar fashion to Geisha trees. The varietal also often showcases Geisha-like qualities in the cup, with floral aromas and clean citrus notes. Here, the fermentation softens this citrus into a juicy, almost Kenyan-like character, with waves of sweet ripe fruit.

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