La Negrita Gesha Green Tip Omni [100 g]
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La Negrita Gesha Green Tip Omni [100 g]

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Tasting Notes: Orange Blossom / Raspberry / Cola

Origin: Colombia [Ibague, Tolima, Colombia]

Cultivar: Gesha Green Tip

Process: Washed [Carbonic Maceration]

Net Weight: 100 g


Finca La Negrita sits at Colombia's central mountain range, near the Combeima canyon in Tolima. The farm belongs to Mauricio Shattah, which uses 20 hectares of it for coffee cultivation, leaving the other 160 hectares as a natural reservoir. Mr. Shattah is known for using advanced scientific processes and methods in the farm's coffee processing, alongside cultivating some very special Gesha, Sidra and Wush Wush varietals.

The carbonic maceration process used for this lot is borrowed from wine-making - it is an anaerobic (meaning, devoid of oxygen) process of fermentation, used in order to obtain a cleaner cup profile; carbonic acid is minimized in the finished product due to the elimination of carbon dioxide, thus also eliminating much of the acidity from the cup.

After being picked, hand selected, washed and disinfected, the coffee cherries are placed in a closed tank with added enzymes for 72 hours, in a dark, temperature-regulated room. Then, the coffee is pre-dehydrated in drying machines, followed by a full dehydration process in a dark room with infra-red radiation, industrial fans and humidifiers, a process that takes six to eight weeks to complete.

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