Finca Deborah Geisha [100 g]
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Finca Deborah Geisha [100 g]

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Roast Date: 2/22/21

Tasting Notes: 🌈 🌈 🌈 

Origin: Panama [Volcán, Chiriqui]

Cultivar: Geisha

Process: Natural

Net Weight: 100 g

Roaster's Notes:

Cherries start on the top level of a three-tiered bed system where they are superficially dried for a period of time to remove excess moisture and for UV radiation to kill unwanted bacteria. The coffee is then dropped to the second level. Here is where the coffee spends the majority of it’s time, slowly drying and absorbing the sweetness and complexity of the fruit. Finally, the coffee is dropped to the lowest level where humidity begins to equalize. At 10.5–11%, it is then bagged and rested in bodega before hulling, selection, and packing.

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