Eugenioides Omni [100 g]
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Eugenioides Omni [100 g]

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Tasting Notes: Mandarine / Cane Sugar / Dried Papaya

Origin: Colombia [Valle del Cauca]

Cultivar: Eugenioides

Process: Natural

Net Weight: 100 g

Roaster's Notes:

Eugenioides, together with Robusta, are the parents of Arabica. We’ve found Eugenioides to have insanely high sweetness, combined with lower acidity and bitterness due to the naturally low content of caffeine.

The concept of this farm tries to reconstruct a natural ecosystem for these coffee plants. The crops are very well organized between each other to allow the plants to grow and expand more naturally. They also plant Acacia, Lemongrass, and Guabo trees to produce more nitrogen which the coffee plants breath to produce exceptional seed cherry with a high level of sugars.

To further control the drying, coffee goes into a special greenhouse with an internal dehumidifier. The dehumidifier allows to slow down the drying process to provide more time for the sugars to transfer into the bean. This helps to produce an even sweeter coffee with higher clarity in the flavor.

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