Consacá Espresso
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Consacá Espresso

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Tasting Notes: Green Apple / Tangerine / Rum Raisin

Origin: Colombia [Nariño]

Cultivar: Colombia, Castillo, Caturra

Process: Washed [fermented for 18 hours and sun dried for 20 days]

Roaster's Notes:

Consacá is a municipality in the Nariño region, one of the main coffee-growing regions of Colombia, located in the country's deep south. The region's proximity to the equator provides it with the ability to grow coffee at exceptionally high altitudes, with many farms located at more than 2.000 meters above sea level.

Due to Consacà's location, in the vicinity of the Galeras Volcano, the soil in the area is highly fertile and nutrient-rich. Coffees from the area are well known for having high acidity, medium body and a good balance of flavors. This particular coffee fits this description perfectly.

This regional blend is comprised of several Colombia, Castillo, and Caturra harvests produced by various smallholder farmers, who were each paid a premium for their lots. After being fermented and washed, the coffee was dried on parabolic dryers for 20 days, enjoying some of the best drying conditions in the country due to the high altitude.

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