Castillo Tropical [100g]
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Castillo Tropical [100g]

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Tasting Notes: Freeze Dried Raspberries / Yogurt / Passion Fruit

Origin: Colombia [Piendamo, Cauca]

Cultivar: Castillo

Process: Washed

Net Weight: 100 g

Roaster's Notes:

Finca El Paraíso is located in the Municipality of Piendamó, Tunía, Los Arados Lane, on the Panamerican main road between Popayán and Cali. The local climate is mild and humid, with a constant stream of Pacific winds, who contribute to the tropical notes found in the local coffee cherries.

The farm's team focuses its efforts on the implementation of innovative technologies that address the critical factors of coffee processing. They've established a system that allows them to implement natural, honey, and washed processes - all friendly to the environment and resistant to climate conditions, thus ensuring consistent quality in each cup produced at El Paraíso.

For this particular lot, the processing method consists of the first phase of fermentation, where cherries are left in tanks with a pressure relief valve for 48 hours, at a temperature of 18 degrees celsius. The cherries are then pulped, and put through a second fermentation, this time for 96 hours. The coffee is then exposed to thermal wash, followed by washing and controlled dying for 34 hours at a temperature of 35 degrees celsius and relative humidity of 25%, in order to reach the desired humidity level. Finally, the beans are dried by condensation with air recirculation in a drying machine called eco-enigma.

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