Takesi Geisha - Exclusive Micro-Lot [120 g Pink Bag]
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Takesi Geisha - Exclusive Micro-Lot [120 g Pink Bag]

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Roast Date: 11/29/21

Tasting Notes: Honey / Apricot  / Jasmine / Bergamot

Origin: Bolivia [Yanacachi]

Cultivar: Heirloom

Process: Washed

Roaster's Notes:

We are humbled to have again been chosen by Marianna Iturralde (Finca Takesi owner) as the only European coffee roaster to import their exceptional coffees. Registered as the world’s highest coffee farm, Finca Takesi’s terroir and technique consistently produce one of the favourite coffees we have ever tasted. In a perfect storm of conditions, this is genuinely an exceptional farm, producing a truly exceptional Geisha.

When developing Takesi Geisha for filter brewing, we created a small batch roast profile that deploys a lot of energy in a short amount of time. We find this approach optimal for these more exclusive lots to showcase the aromas that make this coffee unique while keeping the elegance that we love.

After being carefully handpicked, the perfectly ripe cherries are depulped before being moved to a mechanical demucilator to remove the remaining mucilage. From here, they are mechanically dried, where their dryer is "dialled in" daily to dry at precisely 1% humidity per hour. End moisture content arrives around 12% which is perfect for us to roast consistently week after week.

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