Finca Tamana Bourbon [LIMITED QUANTITY]
Tim Wendelboe

Finca Tamana Bourbon [LIMITED QUANTITY]

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Roast Date: 5/19/21

Tasting Notes: Red Fruits / Black Tea / Floral

Origin: Colombia [El Pital, Huila]

Cultivar: Bourbon

Process: Washed

Roaster's Notes:

These Bourbon cultivars are among the best coffees currently being produced at Finca Tamana. As with all coffees we buy from Elias, this Bourbon is super clean and sweet with a delicate fruity and subtle floral profile.

This is the third  harvest we have of the red and pink Bourbon cultivars from Finca Tamana. (The colours refer to the colour of the ripe cherries on the plant.) I managed to get some seeds from a really nice red Bourbon in 2014 that I gave to Elias and we planted these seeds together in June 2014.  At the same time Elias had gotten a handfull of seeds from a neighbour of some pink Bourbon that were planted the same month.  In august 2015 the trees were ready to be planted in a small hill at Finca Tamana. The first harvest came three years later but the quantities were too small to be able to export any of it. In the following years we have been able to buy tiny amounts of this coffee as production has gradually increased. 

I am happy to say that these Bourbon cultivars are definitely among the best coffees we have tasted from Tamana. Both are really sweet, delicate and fruity but with subtle differences. The pink bourbon has so far been tasting slightly more floral and the red Bourbon more like ripe red berries. Hopefully in the future we will be able to roast these separately but at the moment the quantities are so small that it does not make sense to separate them during picking and milling.

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