Finca El Majahual [Orange Bourbon]
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Finca El Majahual [Orange Bourbon]

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Roast Date: 3/15/20

Tasting Notes: Strawberry / Cinnamon Roll / Roasted Oolong

Origin: El Salvador [Los Naranjos Valley, Sonsonate]

Cultivar: Orange Bourbon

Process: Washed

Roaster's Notes:

Our relationship with the team at Finca El Majahual is one of our longest-running partnerships, and it's quite remarkable for us to consider how strong this cooperation has become over the years. Patrick Murray, the manager of the farm, constantly seeks to improve the farm's output, quality, innovation, and social leadership.

Each year, the coffees produced at Finca El Majahual are not only really good, but also inspiring - with new processing techniques involved, and new social initiatives launched and supported by the premiums paid for the farm's lots.

Of this lot of Orange Bourbon, we'll be offering two different coffees this year - this filter roast, and an espresso roast. When we cupped the samples sent to us from Finca El Majahual, we knew this coffee would work really well for both roasting profiles, and that allowed us to purchase a larger lot from our partners - which we're always happy to do.

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