Daterra Our Plot 2-Pak [2 x 200 g Pink Bags] LIMITED STOCK!
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Daterra Our Plot 2-Pak [2 x 200 g Pink Bags] LIMITED STOCK!

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Only Roast Date: 2/9/12 <That’s it!>

Origin: Brazil [Cerrado]

Cultivar: Red Bourbon, Yellow Bourbon, Geisha

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Tasting Notes: Nectarines / Plums / Grapes

Wildly fruity and sweet, with a pleasant cider like acidity.


Process: Anaerobic Pulped Natural

Tasting Notes:

 Hazelnut / Cacao / Caramel

Full-bodied and sweet, with an integrated acidity.

Roaster's Notes:


Flying the flag as the worlds leading coffee producer, Brazil is widely known for its large scale coffee farms that mechanically pick and dry their coffee. 


Due to the larger volumes that these farms can produce, we have selected to work with only one Brazilian farm called Daterra. 


While we have been working with Daterra for the past 15 years, this is only the second harvest of 'Our Plot' and we are excited to present two unique interpretations of the same cherry. 


In 2014, Daterra offered us to co-operatively run a piece of land that we named 'Our Plot'. The ambition was to explore how we can go beyond organic certification in search of a more sustainable way of growing Specialty Coffee, focusing on quality, sustainability and scalability.

In contrary to the more typical "single variety" farming taking place in Brazil, we are attempting to increase biodiversity by planting four "Old World" varieties (Red Bourbon, Yellow Bourbon, Geisha and Laurina) which were thriving before the introduction of commercial pesticides alongside native plants. We hope this perpetuates into a more resilient ecosystem, towards greater yields and higher cup quality. We see this as a starting point for scalability and change in the mono-cropped Brazilian coffee landscape.  


After a hugely successful first harvest, this year we are delighted to share two differently processed coffees from the same lot. One Anaerobic Natural processed coffee, and one Anaerobic Pulped Natural version. Providing a novel experience to taste two coffees from the same lot, side by side, opening a unique window into the world of progressive processing, and how small changes can have a huge influence in the end result.
We have paid 261% above C-Market price for Our Plot, and feel very privileged to be able to share both these coffees with you as a 2-pack. 

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