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Roast Date: 4/29/21

Tasting Notes: Black Tea / Red Berries / Chocolate

Origin: Honduras [Chinacla, La Paz]

Cultivar: SL28

Process: Washed

Roaster's Notes:

The SL28 cultivar is famous for its high quality and intense fruity cup character. Despite its popularity among coffee buyers SL28 is rarely found outside of Africa with a few exceptions in Central-America and other origins. Some years ago we managed to source some seeds that we gave to Marysabel and Moises and we have been waiting patiently over 5 years to be able to buy and taste this coffee. The results are quite interesting and although you can recognise some of the fruity flavours from the SL28 cultivar it is not as intense as a Kenyan SL28 or the SL28 we planted with Jobneel further north in Honduras at Finca Nacimiento. This is most likely due to the different growing conditions  in Chinacla, Honduras compared to what you typically find in Kenya and in Santa Barbara. I still find it interesting to taste the SL28 from Marysabel and Moises and compare it to their Catuaí cultivar and one of our Kenyan coffees.  I  find this lot to be much more subtle with a very pleasant sweetness with a much lower intensity of acidity than what you typically find in a Kenyan SL28. I find some chocolaty notes, black tea like tannins and a subtle red berry flavour.

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