La Cabra


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Roast Date: 3/30/21

Tasting Notes: Strawberry / Mango / Passionfruit

Origin: Burundi [Kayanza]

Cultivar: Bourbon

Process: Natural

Roaster's Notes:

This lot is from several hills surrounding the Bukeye station, but has been put together exclusively by producers who participate in the Farmer Field School programme. This should lead to a higher quality of incoming cherry, important for a top quality natural, as there are less opportunities to sort than in a washed process. Coffees destined for natural processing are first painstakingly hand sorted by the team at Heza, as once the cherries begin to dry and blacken, it is very difficult to spot any defective seeds. The cherries are then transferred to raised drying beds and dried slowly for around 30 days, allowing the typical berry notes to soften into a jammy character, complemented by wild tropical fruit and intense sweetness.

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