Takesi Catuai - Limited Release [200 g Pink Bag]
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Takesi Catuai - Limited Release [200 g Pink Bag]

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Roast Date: 5/25/21

Tasting Notes: Lychee / Apricot  / Honey

Origin: Bolivia [Yanacachi]

Cultivar: Catuai

Process: Washed

Roaster's Notes: 

A variety more typically known for its productivity than its cup quality; Takesi Catuai breaks through the stereotype and presents as an incredibly complex and clean cup, with a rich sweetness and fruity character. 

Folded into the peaks of the Bolivian Andes, it's not just Finca Takesi's novel terroir and altitude (2600masl) that make it so unique, but also its latitude. Mariana Iturralde's farm sits further south of the equator than most other highly elevated farms, and the cooler temperatures that follow are just one part of the puzzle that helps to create this truly outstanding coffee. 

As elevation rises, temperatures drop and Finca Takesi's coffee trees grow gently, lingering just above the frost point. Their branches and thick leaves freeze every evening, not thawing again until 10 am the following day, while volcanic soil and a thick layer of organic topsoil keep their roots thawed, and the trees alive. 

This "perfect storm" results in the flowering (that signifies the commencement of the cherry maturation process) taking place over the course of four months, in comparison to a more typical flowering of one to two months. The complete maturation of the coffee cherry is then achieved after an exceptionally long ten months, and it is this significantly slower maturation that results in a much more complex coffee cherry.
Expect an exceptionally clean and sweet coffee, with elegant yet transparent notes of lychee, apricot and honey. 

It's an absolute privilege to work so closely with Mariana and her exceptional coffees, and we feel incredibly lucky to be able to purchase her Catuai for 696% above the c-market price. 

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